Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Term 1 Week 2 Senior Hub

Here are some examples of writing about a moment of time. Our class spent time outside siting on the grass on the school field noticing what we saw, heard and felt. We focused on showing rather than telling the experience. This way we intend the reader to be able to make pictures in their head as they read.

Houses up on the hill. Grass is swaying, weeds killing beautiful plants. A school with people working inside. A playground and another playground. Grass is tickling my skin. Wind is blowing on me making me cold. Cars are zooming past and making all sorts of noise.

Me and my friends are sharing ideas. There are seagulls making  loud noises in the background.  Seagulls are drifting through the air.  Cars are zooming past. The sun is shining brightly on my back. The grass is waving under and around me.

The mud is in the ruts of the track and laughter is being shared. A broken piece of tennis ball lies on the track.

Children are whispering. I look at seagulls waddling like penguins in a dance group. The breeze is calming me with a gentle touch. Cars are booming and rumbling past.

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