Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Remember Poems

As part of our writing- we have looked at creating a moment in time poem. We wrote about events in our holidays and specifically developed having one idea per paragraph. Take a look at some of our amazing finished products.

That was Summer

Remember Danseys Pass Holiday Park? With all the sleepovers and making new friends, going on the river swing hoping not to fall off?
Remember the movie night? Staying up late and all the popcorn? Playing Uno & Cluedo while drinking juice?
That was Summer.

Remember Natashas wedding? Seeing family, All dressing up for the big day? All the clothes shopping we did?
Remember the bright pink car? All the funny moments? All the food & drinks? Waiting in anticipation for the bride?
That was Summer.  

Remember Caroline bay? All the Hot Dogs, Chips and fizzy? The playground and the pool? The Train ride around the bay?
Do you remember the Ferris wheel? Tipping back and  forth when it stopped? Hoping not to fall out as well as all the games?
That was Summer.

By Annalise kilgour. Year 6

That was Summer

Remember that very hot day in Alexandra,the sun shining through the window.
Remember Ally coming into my cousin’s room saying ”time to go boating?”
That was Summer

Remember jumping in the cold water going on the biscuit with my brother Remember playing with Tyler and eating awesome BBQ food?

That was Summer

Remember the long trip to Naseby and baking yummy chocolate chip cookies?
Do you remember having a big swim at the dam and hoping to fall in the beautiful water?

That was Summer
Cassidy Year 6

                THAT WAS SUMMER
Remember christmas morning when we all got up early and checked our stockings?
Remember opening presents after mass & having a humongous christmas lunch?
That was summer.

Remember the long boring car trip when we played car cricket almost the whole way?
Remember When we were nearing wanaka and dad kept joking about getting out and biking?
That was summer.

Remember going back to the holiday house from puzzling world and finding Tim wounded?
Do you Remember being told how Tim crashed a bike jump and seeing the photos?
That was summer
Jonathan Jorgensen

That was my holiday

Remember Sitting in the boiling car,leaning out the window and asking “Are we there yet?”
Remember Stopping to get lunch,in the middle of our movie,but too tired to get out?
THat was my holiday.

Remember those gifts getting opened,The summer heat pushing through the house when we drink ice-cold lemonade?
Remember Running to the swings,and waiting for your next swing,Until the other person gets off?
That was my holiday.

Remember Finding a park at the hool pools and you park More than a Km away
Do you remember Waiting in that line for the water slides,But you give up and just sit in the hot pool instead?

That was my holiday...
By Mia Cant

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