Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Persuasive Writing

"Our world is moving into using more technology- we don't need to learn how to write anymore"
"We should get rid of break times at school and teach straight through. That way we finish early"
"Children should be allowed to decide when/if they want to go to school. There should be no rules saying Monday-Friday 9-3pm"
"Homework is a waste of time. We don't need homework at school."
"Regardless of what job you do... We should all be paid equal amounts"
"Maths is not that important and can be hard- we shouldn't have to learn maths"

We have been discovering what it is to think about statements both positively and negatively. We are learning to create an opinion about topics given and back this up with good reasons. We will be writing persuasive pieces where we will choose if we are for or against these ideas. Students will then get to make their own persuasive argument and argue this in class. It has been a lot of fun and has really gotten us thinking deeply about why we do what we do and standing up for what we beleieve in respectfully.

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