Saturday, 20 May 2017

Year 5 Term 2

Science Inquiry
We have enjoyed learning about the chemistry behind bread so far and have experimented making yeast mixes. We found out that yeast is a microorganism that feeds off sugar and when mixed with warm water,  produces carbon dioxide gas which makes bread dough rise. This is the gas that filled the balloons in our experiment.
We wondered what would happen if we did the same experiment but used baking soda instead and what would happen if the water wasn't warm enough or too hot. 
Here is an example of using the number line from the Taputoru group in solving problems of subtraction by partitioning one of the numbers.
We have been applying what we have been learning from a text in planning by creating posters that includes this information.
Here is an example of a small group who collaborated and shared ideas in creating a poster together.


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